Here are some literature that can help you:

Dr Elena Pezzini Published Research

200 page scientific doctoral research I published for fellow scientists, all on the human animal bond, attachment and stress reduction

The Human-Animal Bond

An Evaluation of Pet Owners’ Attachment Style and the Human-Animal Bond

The Eden Magazine

Published on the Eden Magazine 2017, where all proceeds go to animal shelters.
Dr. Pezzini’s articles on page 68.
Many Hollywood celebrities’ articles are in the same edition of the publication.

Here's why your four-legged friend is so special to you

Awarded viral video, based on Dr. Pezzini’s research.
Does your dog bring you love, comfort and smiles?
There's some interesting emotional and evolutionary reasons why why your dog is your BFF, according to research from Elena Pezzini.
Please share with the dog owners and their BFF's!
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Dogs Lovers Cover

Dog's lovers

The Dog Trainer, The Vet and You. The first ebook written by Dr Pezzini and Dr Ferrari aimed at improving the relationship that we humans have with our 4-legged friends