You Got The Power People

Dr. Elena Pezzini

Non Profit Manager

Board of Directors

Dr. Debora Ferrari

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Board of Directors

Dr. Kerri Hampe

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Board of Directors

Advisory Board and Donors:

  1. Gillian McKenzie, proponent and supporter of animals in the workplace, including her own brokerage: NYC, NY
  2. Nansey Nancy Battye Sinclaire, CEO of “Happiest Pup”
  3. Hiro Tahara, International advisor from Japan: NYC, NY + Las Vegas, NV + Miami, FL
  4. Mitul Vora, International advisor from India
  5. Timothy Lafolette, Psychiatric Nurse and Opera Performer: Portland, OR
  6. Thorsten Bonn with Live Auction Group
  7. Tori Tran: NYC, NY
  8. Gwen Taylor, Trainer: St. Augustine, FL
  9. Susan Sherayko, Production Executive: Agua Dulce, CA
  10. Raj Singh, Speaker: Jersey City, NJ
  11. Yolene Jacques, Tax Consultant: Virginia Beach, VA
  12. Cheryl Martin, Wellness Coach: Spanaway, WA
  13. Dr Rosemary Manziano, DVM, Holistic Veterinarian (donor also): Cots Neck, NJ
  14. Michele Cumer, IT Engineer: Granada, Spain
  15. Giuseppe Speranza, Trader: New York City, NY
  16. Juan Rojas, Real Estate Broker: Miami, FL
  17. Dr. Siti Abdul Khalid, DVM, Veterinarian: Brisbane, AU
  18. Matt & Gisele Shelley, non profit CEOs: Nyack, NY
  19. Don Lainer, Real Estate Broker: Las Vegas, NV
  20. Carol Kilinski and Tal Topel, Jewelry Business Owner: Florida and California
  21. Dr Duarte, Psychiatrist: Saint Louis, MO
  22. Nick Iles, Construction Business Owner: Orlando, FL
  23. Marty Matika, Psychotherapist: King of Prussia, PA
  24. Julie Erickson, Career Consultant: Leonia, NJ
  25. Mike Laugle, Investor: Fairborn, OH
  26. Jeremy Fusselman, Amazon Business Owner: San Diego, CA
  27. Dr. Divgi, MD, Author & Tower Gardens Expert: Atlanta, GA
  28. You